The field of Sexology though in its infancy is gaining rapid importance in a developing country like India, where the world "Sex" is still a taboo for many. However, with changing life styles, improper dietary habits, the incidence of more and more couples coming forward to discuss their problems with trained sexologists from the faculty of medicine is on the rise. The Indian Association for Sexology with its headquarters in Chennai has taken the bold initative of educating the masses, arranging CMEs for practitioners and organizing the conferences on a yearly basis, a forum where the developments, experiences and newer approaches to counsel and treat the sexual problems in both males and females.

   The 7th International Conference on Sexology, a congregation of intellectuals from diverse faculties of medicine sharing their experiences on the podium with individuals who are already in the field and those who would like to practice the delicate art of sexology, would be realy an exhilarating experience for all the participants. Arranging this conference is an initiative taken by the organizers for spreading awareness not only in the Indian sub-contient but across the globe, is really heart warming.

  I take this opportunity to personally wish the organizers, the delegates a grand success of the event to be held in Chennai.